Wednesday, September 10


Hello Donut!!!
Ok. i HAVE to post about this before i forget. so my aunt called, and my mom started telling her about how one time Kris called and she thought my mom was me, and she (kris) started laughing. so I started laughing, and my dad asked if she was embarrassed. I said no, she just thought mom was me, and started laughing again. while i was laughing, my dad said that he needed a sense-slapper so he could slap some sense into us (kris and i), and i started laughing AGAIN, and my brother started slapping himself. He asked if the number of times he had slapped himself was good, and my dad said, the sense-slapper wasn't for you. there's not enough cents in the world. and i CONTINUED to laugh, and almost spewed tea at my dad. my brother tried to drink his sunkist, but started laughing and choked out, "i have a drinking problem." my dad started talking about how he shouldn't drink and drive (my bro's 9, just fyi...) and we started laughing AGAIN. dad said that Robby Steed (a police officer) was gonna pull him over. he even played out the whole conversation:
"you been drinking?"
"well, i wanted to, but i had a drinking problem."
"does that mean you were drinking or not?"
(aric ((my bro)) came in here) "i only had this much ."
"that's all we need to know. get you hands off the wheel."
"but i don't HAVE a wheel! all i have is a plate and a fork!" (because we were eating dinner)
and that's when i ran upstairs to tell you all this. yep. it's craziness. and it all started with my aunt... oh, and by the way, my mom was on the phone with her the WHOLE TIME! ok.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)

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