Thursday, October 2

now I know...cuz it's Mike's super short show!

Not really. but I do know.

Rianna grounded herself from the computer. So she won't be back until next wednesday...but maybe I can get her to make an exception because we have a four day weekend. Have you ever had something totally ruin your entire day?
Just a thought.
Here's another one:
Some people really annoy me. Others are very funny.
The other day, I walking to math with this guy, and we were talking about the homework, and then how the hallway smelled like gas. Like the kind from a car. It was really weird. And he's the same guy who hilariously tripped over Rian's desk in World Geography. Very funny.
YAY! Heels Over Head! I love this song. 
And I really hope we get to go to the fair, but it's supposed to rain monday. I hope it doesn't. I should get started on my homework. 
I'm so happy! I got a 26/30 on my biology quiz! The first of the six weeks! For those of you who are lazy or not so great at math, that's an 86. One girl got a seven. Which is like, a 21. Today in English, I randomly found two lego people...
Just thought I'd say that. 
Well, I'm going to help Ri with English, over the phone, and i'll be back later. Maybe.
Listening to Five Minutes to Midnight,

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