Tuesday, November 25

turkey day reviews!

I can't stand it when people talk about things they don't know. Someone left a review about my fanfiction:

To Jen's comment on the climate:
Texas is not near the Ocean; it's near the Gulf of Mexico, which connects to
the Atlantic Ocean by Florida.  I think it has a tropical climate.  I know
Louisiana does.  I had to do a report on Louisiana a while back.

Apparently, she thinks that I'm stupid. And that I don't know what the climate in Texas is. I LIVE in Texas. And just because it's close to Louisiana doesn't mean it has the same climate. And what the heck does she mean it's not by the ocean?! It's water on the surface of the earth. It is the SAME thing. I'm sorry, but this made me really really mad. It makes absolutely no sense at all and I really want this person to have an account so I could talk to them about it. Or yell...
P.S. Yay for Thanksgiving break!

2 people were awesome enough to comment.:

das said...

ahahahhahaaha...thats funny...criticizing kris is something u folks shouldn't do. it's bad...u better watch your backs..--to kris---yeah, that was weird talking to a 3rd party which is really myself. weird comment...aha..tropical oh yeah its so tropical in tejas

Rian said...

i agree dan... yeah. no criticizing... loti. that's hilarious.