Monday, November 24

The world has problems.

I'm in a bad mood. And it's not helping that stupid idiots can't even make correctly timed videos to the FEW songs that I don't know the lyrics to. And then random people just stop talking to me without any reason. They just leave. 

Yeah...This is how bad of a mood I'm in: 
The stupid story that I was writing because I wasn't writing my other one because I couldn't, got on my nerves, so I killed it. It ended with the main character dying because she got run over by a car. 
Here's something I noticed: When I'm confused, I'm usually in a bad mood. When I'm in a bad mood, I can't write. And when I can't write, I get mad.
Basically, Confusion=Madness. Stupid transitive property.
Even criticizing the Twilight movie didn't help...Or talking about how I talked for four minutes and fifty five seconds in a speech about stretching that I was sure I was going to do horrible on.
Also, when I'm mad, I get antisocial. By the way, check out this review of the Twilight movie.
It's amazing. Some parts of it were hilarious. Yup...I think I'm turning into Alice...both of them. Jeez. I'm leaving now. I really have nothing else to do but I'm bored to death and no one is trying to help me overcome my boredom. I've tried everything- banging my head on the desk, eating crackers, chewing gum, killing characters, trying to have intellectual conversations, drinking lemonade.... So now it's time for the last resort.

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