Wednesday, December 24


wow. i haven't been on here in FOREVER!!! so many things have happened since i'd last been here... for example: something happened. yeah. i can't really remember EVERYTHING that happened... oh, Merry Christmas Eve! or for all those who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy [insert holiday name here] (just because there are a lot and i'm too lazy to go list them all... I MEAN NO OFFENSE!!! SORRY!!! just being lazy) we've started watching some Street Fighter II (yesh, the videogame) things (it's not a movie, but they aren't tv episodes...) on netflix... it's really weird and it makes NO SENSE. WHAT?! THAT GUY'S STILL ALIVE!!! VEGA!!! GO AWAY!!! sorry... watching it now... ... vega is phsyco. and i don't like him. ANYWAY... people, are you bored? do you like playing stupid games? if not, do you like ADDICTING games? omc ken, what a stupid pun. that was REALLY bad. ANYWHOO!!!!... sorry (gotta keep my mind on track.... or as "on track" as it can get...) you should play a game!!! it's called Candy & Clyde... idk if Kris has already gone and posted it cuz i haven't read the blog yet, but yeah. my top score was 225. can YOU beat it???? on another note, ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND IS HILARIoUS! (tis a manga, for all the clueless) i got it for kristin for (well... this is late. but i only got her the first one) Christmas (she already knows) and it twas HILARIOUS!!!! i read it last night around 8 and then again this morning around 6. yeah. i woke up at 4:15 this morning... and i'm gonna get to bed around 3 tomorrow morning... just because i have to go to church at midnight tonight. yeah... anyway, i've got a LOT of catching up to do on computer stuff cuz i couldn't use it for a while, so yeah. wish me luck! (if you want to... you don't HAVE to, but it would be nice. i'll probably drown in stuff i have to do on the internet... yeah) woohoo!
once again, Happy Holidays!!!!
(yeah... i didn't mean for 225 to be the title thingy... ((this is AFTER i posted this, fyi)) but i'm too lazy to change it, so yeah. KEN WAKE UP!! SAVE CHUN LEE!!! SHE'S BEING CHOKED!! I DON'T CARE IF VEGA BEAT YOU TO ALMOST DEATH!!!! U MUST SAVE HER!!! because, as Fang would say, You love her "thiiiiiiiiiiiiissss muuuuuuuuuuuuuch" (((demonstrates with hands))))
my bro just reminded me of something. we were watching the Hulk movie the other day, and the guy (who played bruce banner) said, "You won't like it when i'm... hungry?" cuz he was speaking portuguese. yeah. pretty amusing.

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