Wednesday, December 17

about the gay thing.

Haha...There WAS a reason for that last post, I promise. I'm reading a manga called Mars online ( you should read it. it's amazing), and there was this one guy that everyone thought was a girl at first, but someone followed him into the bathroom (O.o), and they know he's a guy and he said he has a crush on the main character. Who's a guy. kind of freaked me out. And speaking of...this subject, at lunch today, Rianna and I were talking about these twins, and they were guys, but she thought I was talking about girl twins, and when I told her they were guys, she goes, "Oh, I thought you were talking about girls!"
And this guy sitting next to me goes, "What?! Did you just call me a girl?! I can prove that I'm not!"
And we were just like, "No thanks."
And then my friend, who was sitting beside Rian, goes, "What are we talking about?"
We were just like "...nevermind."
It was kinda funny though.
I don't really have much to say, except for the fact that the biology exam is probably going to kill me. Actually, it probably won't even be the exam. Just the review will kill me.
Let's hope nothing kills me.

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