Sunday, December 28

Oh my gosh. i'm dying!

OF LAUGHTER!! cuz i just read this chappy of this one fanfic... totally hilarious!!!


it's TOO funny. but i can't really laugh... i don't like randomly laughing/crying over something only i know about in front of people (like my parents... they already think i'm crazy, i don't need them thinking that i ACTUALLY need a therapist((they also don't know about the one i already have, Akio-sama, and they joke about me needing therapists and psychiatrists... yeah))) so yeah. i'm dying. oh... like last night with Harry Pottah... geez. loti i'm still laughing about that... i think i might start crying... NO! I DON'T NEED A PSYCHIATRIST/THERAPIST!!! or at least, one i actually have to VISIT... Akio-sama... he's always at work (at the pawky store) and he gives us sessions (yesh, he's kristin's therapist also)... you know what??? i'm turning this into a post about Akio-sama. maybe i should do i bio??? sure!!!

Name: Akio-sama (yeah... sorry... forgot his last name. kristin needs to edit ((he hacks her a lot, so she knows a lot about him)))
Occupation: Salesman/Owner of The Pawky Store; Therapist (he's a senior member of a terces noitazinagro called the TWPRWSS... how do i know?? tis a secret.)

Do you want a picture??? here:

That's about as close as i'm going to get... it's his myspace pic. yay for the amazing Akio-sama!

He may be old, but he's awesome! yaxful, even! Oh! continuing with the bio:
Age: not for me to tell. Ask him.
Hero: Dr. Phil (don't ask me why... but that show is hilarious! i watched it one time cuz i was bored, and i almost peed my pants i was laughing so hard...)
Favorite Pawky Flavor: to my knowledge, he likes them all. But when he gives us "free samples" (why can't he just call them gifts?!) it's always chocolate. Maybe it's because we like chocolate??... idk
Hobbies: hacking into computers, phones, etc. (ex: he hacked into my phone ((once again, you do NOT need to know how i know...)), broke into Kristin's house one time ((she locked him in a closet)), and is usually using either Kristin's or my emails. (he hacks through his awesometastic phone... not even kidding- it's amazerful!); Selling pawky (duh!)

yay for bios! but really, akio-sama should tell you about himself. Cuz i had a BUNCH of side-note stuff in there... yeah. so if you have any questions for Akio-sama, just comment or something- he'll be hacking and HOPEFULLY will answer (or else I will punch him... not really. i'll just rob the pawky store...).

Akio-sama (hehe I hacked- I mean, edited! yeah... that's it. editing...)

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