Monday, December 15


what the heck are doe eyes?! I mean, I've heard of bambi eyes, but DOE eyes?! And you know what else is SUPER weird? People's spelling. Example:

The moonlight glinted on her wings, but her silowet was still black.

I think what they meant was SILHOUETTE. And yes, it's spelled weirdly, but not as weird as that^^^. Next piece of evidence:

He was strong. That was oveios.

Now you KNOW someone can't spell when I, the queen of typos, mistakes your mistake for something written in ANOTHER LANGUAGE. I thought it was latin...And in case you're like me, and not a super mistake interpreter, I'll let you know what that word was supposed to be. Obvious. But it wasn't OBVIOUS. 
And I believe the word is CHOICES, NOT CHOUSES. And seconded isn't a word either...and if it is, it should not be used it any form of literary entertainment.

My branch wasn’t the best place I have ever slept, but it wasn’t the worsted ether,

worsted? Where does that even come from?! And how do you move a mussel when you're not even near a beach?! And for you scientifically challenged people, a mussel is a crustacean or ocean animal with a shell. Like a lobster, crab, snail, etc. Not something in your body that helps you move.

Ha. If they think that shooting my in the back would kill me they are more gullible than I thought.

Well, Max...when most people get shot in the back, and this is including advanced mutants, they either die or are paralyzed. This shot certainly DOES NOT give you the power to fly at the speed of light. DIE at the speed of light, MAYBE. But not fly.And I just randomly made up a joke based on a typo (meat for meet)

Who's there?
They meet!
They meet who?
They meet you!

Yeah, go ahead and laugh. It's a joke. It's supposed to be funny and stupid. And Fang(actually the author) made a mistake. Erasers don't just sit around with snouts on their faces! He said this about Max:

No, her hair is to thin and she doesn’t have a snout.

Yeah..If you've read MR, you know what I'm talking about. cars have bonnets? Because I've never heard of that before...and I can't really make fun of it because I could be wrong.  :(
NOOOOO!!! The story's over. I am now bored...well, I guess I'd better stop typing unless I find something super amazingly awesome to tell you in the next few minutes.

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