Friday, January 23


This is going to be super short, since my fingers are killing me, but I finished typing my story!! It only took about two hours! Whoopee.

My hand is cramping up though. I typed up about forty pages, probably more, which ended up being about thirteen pages on word. It's 22762 words. About average for me, but I have another  story that needs to be typed up, and it's about one hundred written pages more than this one.
I'll type that one up tomorrow, since I think my hands would die before I got anywhere close to done, and since my mom is making me get off, though it's not even ten...and it's friday. :(
And you know what?! My brother did an undoable deed, which obviously is extremely doable, since he did it....he ate all the ice cream! I was waiting on it and he ate it!
See, my dad doesn't let me eat ice cream during track season, since it slows me down, but since the season hasn't officially started, I can have some on weekends...which means today. But NOOOO, Jason had to go and eat it all. It made me mad.
Oh well. I feel accomplished.

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