Saturday, January 17


how come SHE gets an awesome day like that and i get a SEMI-cool day??? here was my day: wake up cuz kris texted me at 10 & basically gave me a heart attack. no kidding. then i had pancakes. yum. after that we went to my brother's basketball game. when i got back home, i ate lunch & practiced my cello, then i did homework. after that, we went to Collin Creek Mall cuz my bro had a birthday party to go to (he has one tomorrow, too... but i'm also invited!! even if the whole party will probably just consist of his basketball team... and the oldest kids there are seventh graders... sigh. at least i'll be skating... & almost getting run over by all the kids who are like, 3 feet tall. no kidding, those kids are BEASTS when it comes to skating and scaring the snickerdoodles ((i couldn't think of a good word to put there)) out of me, thus making me almost fall down.) and so i just ended up: a) going to Border's bookstore & reading School Rumble manga, b) going to gamestop & playing one song (what i've done by LP) on guitar hero for the PS3, and c) randomly walking around. then we came home and i ate ramen. now my dad's playing a game he got at gamestop, Too Human, and he has the surround sound like, all the way up, so i'm slowly becoming deaf. this game is SO loud. EVERYTHING makes a noise. EVERYTHING!!!! and yeah. that was my day... i'll probably end up staying up late again tonight, too, even if i do have church in the morning. sigh. (i really just sighed there. for no reason, of course.) i enjoy snickerdoodle cookies. but anyway... i really envy kristin's day... even if she DID believe a sixth grader (i don't think it was the super uber hyper spitting one who was over here a few weeks ago) about the MR manga coming out TODAY instead of the ACTUAL date (Jan. 27) yeah. so i'll stop rambling right now. just because i don't feel like it. sigh. idk. kristin's day made me sad cuz it was SOOOO much better than mine. yeah. maybe i should switch lives with kristin. that'd be GREAT! XD
tZvR (KRIS!!! mwahaha i'm taking over her life!! kinda not really...)

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