Wednesday, January 28

Yay for no school... but A-days= horribleness

yay! no school! I went out and played with the icicles (haha that's a fun word... like Reawakening!) in my backyard while narrowly avoiding being dripped on by the freezing cold water that was once icicles... yeah. but the only problem with having no school- projects. no kidding. today i (finally!) read Anthem (by Ayn Rand)- which i recommend- and did my second IWA for english class. Right now, i'm starting on my math project that's due... in 21 days... if i did my math right (Feb. 12, for all you lazy people xD jk!). Then, after i do my fill of this, i get to work on more of the Health Modules! (they're the things we're doing so that we don't have to take a health class!) -please note the HEAVY (metal!) sarcasm dripping all over that- sorry... i just randomly thought heavy metal when i typed Metallica! i like them. they're pretty cool. Iron Maiden, too, though i'm not sure they lie in the "heavy metal" catagory of music. you know, i really don't understand the different catagories of music. like, i get the whole classic, rock, hip-hop/rap, country catagories... but once you get into alternative rock, techno/alternative junk... yeah. i get REALLY confused. like... where the heck does simple plan land?! or...hoobastank!? what about... well... i suppose NiN lands in techno...? and LP in that weird techno/alternative spot... but idk. anyone care to help a girl who's sorely confused out!? *sounding desparate & hopeful* xD i'm sorry. this math project is really boring. & so are the health junks... they're due on the fifth too... & i've only done... 1/5? out of the FIRST one... i have to do TWO. so yeah... oh... and the title? well, it turns out that because today would've been a B-day, tomorrow can't be a B-day because then the whole school schedule would be all screwed up. so tomorrow is ANOTheR A-day. which is HORRIBLE. cuz it's REALLY not fair. it means i have Geometry (gag), Speech (goodnight *zzzz*), Geometry (woohoo! -HEAVY METAL SARCASM), and English (nooooooooooo) TWICE IN A ROW! and my dad's all "well, not really. you didn't have them today." and i'm all "today doesn't count! i didn't get to learn any spanish!!!" (cuz as we *should* all know, i LOVE my spanish!!! xD ime encanta la clase de espanol!) so yeah. gonna get back to work... *superubermegasigh* -_-;;

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