Sunday, February 1


i didn't watch the superbowl. instead, i was stuck in a room with two friends whom i haven't seen in AGES. no kidding. (seriously- AGES. last time i saw them, i was one year younger... fine. i haven't seen them in AN AGE. -_-;; better?!) we were coloring pictures of Winnie the Pooh & friends (it was the new version... personally, i'd choose Christopher Robin over that new little girl ANY day). so i colored two pictures- one of Eeyore & one of Roo. they're my favorites... and we were watching Ghost Hunters... and of course, you can't have a show that's supposed to creep people out without pairing it with the scary commercials! xD (note my almost ever present sarcasm). then, my friends got on the computer. One of my friends, the one my age (one of them is a year younger), started talking to her boyfriend. personally, i could care less about her boyfriends. but this one was an exception. because the last one blew me up. so i had to see if this guy was ok. and he is. he didn't blow me up! in fact, he actually TALKED to me! without saying i was a freak or wondering aloud why his girlfriend was friends with me! though he was probably thinking that... oh well. i have his number in my phone- she called him on mine cuz her's died. so if anything goes ...askew... i can get on his case. yeppers. i'm just protective of my close friends... no kidding. you know that huge misunderstanding kristin was talking about AGES ago? well, the girl's one of my close friends... & the guy is just a friend. & i wanted to punch him before we figured out it was just a misunderstanding. see!? i can't help it that i'm nice enough to care about my friends to the point that i could beat up some guy! & since i have a reputation of being really nice & sweet & junk, a punch(or two) would come as a surprise to many. but that's just me. so ANYWAY... i didn't watch the superbowl. not even that stupid puppybowl. & i'm sorry to all those out there who think it's adorable- it's boring! i watched it one year, being the animal lover i am (actually... there's no sarcasm. i really do love animals!), and i was bored out of my MIND! (i've lost my mind i've lost my, mind i've lost my mind i've lost my ((it sounds better when disturbed sings it... song= perfect insanity))) i mean, all they do is run around, occasionally tackle each other, and drink some water. & everytime one goes to the bathroom, a stupid ref has to go out & clean it up. Really now!? do they REALLY need to do that?! (Rian's inner voice "yes. apparently they do") -_-;; whatever.
tZvR (is done randomly ranting about nothing important)
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