Monday, February 9

hehe. :)

Hm...there was something I needed to post about today, but i'm not sure what it i guess i'll just give you a general update on life:

I hate mondays.
Is that good enough?
No? Darn.
Well, I was very sleepy today, since Rianna, Kimberly and I stayed up SUPER late on Saturday...and I kept dozing off in Geometry. And it was rainy, but we still had to run, and I was afraid i would slip...very afraid. luckily I didn't. ..Just had some cheetos. I like the puffy ones best because you can eat them without chewing and making a bunch of noise in class. I did that some homework to do, so I should probably stop typing. Luckily I finished my math project that's due friday, and I'm almost done with the group biology project that's due tomorrow...and I have math homework, definitions to write and a Russia test to study for. My night is gonna be fun! (that was sarcasm...just in case you couldn't tell)
And with that, I bid you adieu.
Hm...I don't know why I said that...just felt like it? You know, that's a really weird word. If you didn't know it, you'd probably think it was spelled adoo. Or ahdoo. ACHOO! No, I didn't sneeze...i just had some random word association I wanna play that game. Darn. my brother probably won't play it with me, either. Oh well. I guess I should REALLY stop typing now... you know what's funny, though? when I first typed "I bid you adieu," I typed bit instead of bid..."AND NOW I SHALL BITE YOU GOODBYE!" Corny, huh? And guess what? I STILL haven't stopped typing. Which you should know, since you're still reading...yup. I'm gonna stop for real now.

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