Monday, February 16

so I'm finally posting this...

Yup...This is much later than I intended on it to be, but whatever. It's up, right?

So...about the track meet first, I guess?
Well, altogether it was okay. Some parts were horribly suckish, which I blamed on the fact that it was the day AFTER friday the thirteenth(speaking of which, i have a story about that...), and they made us go to a track meet on valentine's day. Then there were some parts that were awesome. So I guess I'll have to describe the day in all it's bad luck and glory...
So first my mom woke me up around four fifty. Because we had to be at the bus by five frouty five. But we didn't end up leaving until around six thirty. Despite this, and the thirty minute drive, we were the first team there. And the gates weren't even open yet. When they did open, we went in, then stretched and warmed up. And it was COLD. 
So...skipping to parts relevant to myself. Triple jump was supposed to start at nine. And it did. But in the middle of it, the people running it decided we should start over, for some stupid reason. So we did. Then they started calling for the 100, and I had to do the last three (out of four) of my jumps IN A ROW. Despite this, I got fourth place out of JV! WOO!
So then the 100...
Well, I started off fine. And then I tripped. And it hurt. So then I got up and kept running. And this stupid idiot was laughing at me, and I went into violent Kristin mode and was about ready to punch him, though I had no idea who it was. And now my knee hurts. I had to climb stairs with one legs, because I couldn't bend it.
Then I got a bit of a break, in which I ate lunch and my mom and Jason got there.
Next was long jump. At first they were going to have Varsity and JV at different pits, but then they figured out that on ours (i'm in JV...) the board was 17 feet from the pit! And none of us can jump that far! So they put JV and Varsity together, and of course, Varsity got to go first. So we sat for about an hour while they jumped, and scratched, I might add. That's basically a disqualification...I'm not going to explain it any more than that. Then it was our turn! Finally. And I did horrible. I scratched on 3/4 jumps, and the last one, the one I didn't scratch on, I got 12.8. Which is okay, but not very good. Then I left, and some girl I didn't really know asked me for a ride home?
Next up is me talking about my awesometastic NEON socks. Even better than NEON NINJAS! I got a green pair, pink pair and orange pair...And I can't get over how amazing they are! 
Next I'm supposed to be talking STUPID COMPUTER! Don't get me wrong, I love my computer, but sometimes I get really angry at it! Like when Word suddenly freezes in the middle of me typing and it takes hours for me to even close it. Or save. Or anything like that. But everything else works perfectly fine! Jeez...stupid.
Oh yeah...dude in tom thumb. So yesterday we were at the store and this song came on. You know the Sweet Escape, at least I think that's what it's called, but Gwen Stefani? Well at the beginning there's this part that goes:
(or something like that)
And there was this old guy, no offense, who was singing along to this. It was SO hilarious. Me and Jason just about died laughing. Luckily he didn't see us.
And jsut so you know, when I get bored I read manga. I go to and click on the completed manga list and, starting from the beginning, or wherever I left off, I click on titles and read the descriptions. If it looks interesting, I'll read it.I've read some really good ones lately, though I'm not sure what their names were...They were around the S's. I'm in the U's now, though. Almost done! And I'll have to find a new way to pass the time!
Oh yeah...remember WAYYYY up there ^^^ when I said something about friday the thirteenth? And that there was a story about it? Well, here it is.
Today, my brother informed me that The days in March and February are exactly the same. Which means we have ANOTHER Friday the Thirteenth coming up. I'm not superstitious or anything, but jeez. ANOTHER ONE!?
YEah...and I was also planning on talking to you about I'll do that now.
REcently I've started liking this band called Mayday Parade. It's an awesome band. The funny thing is that alot of their songs have really long names. And I mean REALLY LONG.
Like one, "You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground, I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds."
And another: "I'd hate to be you when people find out what this song is about."
And another: "IF you wanted a song written about you, all you had to do was ask."
My favorite of all their songs, though, is Miserable at Best. It's my current favorite song ever. And a song has to be pretty good for me to say that. Really. So you should listen to it. Over and over again. And once you realize how amazing it is, you should put it on repeat, like I do, so you don't have to miss a second. And after that, it'll start getting stuck in your head for days at a time, which is awesome. And, maybe, if you're at all like me, you still won't know the lyrics after all of this.
I guess that concludes my super long post about everything that's happened these past few days. I'm glad we had no school today.
P.S.: If you ever hear me humming a song, it'll be the one I mentioned above. Because that song is awesome.

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Rian said...

... there were SO many typos in this post it was NOT even funny. five frouty five!? what time is THAT?
& ps: we're gonna have ANOTHER friday 13 in NOVEMBER. THREE THIS YEAR!!! GAH! NOT COOL MAN NOT COOL! (yeah i just checked cuz i was suspicious with the two in a row, basically)