Saturday, February 14

Track Meet #1

So yeah, today kristin & i had our first track meet. yay. NOT. it started at like, 8 (officially- the 3200 (2 mile race- 8 times around the track) started then). So... coach was crazy and made us meet at the school's stadium (not the one we were competing at) at freaking FIVE FORTY-FIVE IN THE MORNING! NO one wakes up that early (usually) on VALENTINE'S DAY... much less a SATURDAY... -_-;; so i'm REALLY tired right now. but hey- i only had to run one event. the 400 (quarter-mile... one time around the track). which was SUPPOSED to start at 9:45 ish. but NOOOO. they just LOVE to make us wait. so we, my friend and I, didn't get to run in our event until 11:30! GRRRR. but i won my heat (HAHAHAH! GHS ROCKS! xD) & so i'm gonna get a medal! yay!!!
So, i'm gonna let kristin tell you about her day (she's still there... maybe.)
Rian (jeez. i STILL can't type. took like, 4 times to type my name...)

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DAS said...

yayayayyayay ri!!! congrats!

Rian said...

ooh thankz