Sunday, February 22

The TV and it's AWESOME wonders!

so right now, my brother & i are watching Random Cartoons. The first cartoon seen was... *clears throat*... *yells in screamo-music voice* THE BRAVEST WARRIORS!!! yeah. twas HILARIOUS. oh. i guess i should "speak" normally now... yeah. ok. so it was really funny. apparently, they had blown up a planet for these little green people with hands on their heads and pink petal things around the little part of ... OMG! i just looked it up on youtube and they have the episode i watched today!!!


woah. ummm... [awkward silence in which you look at me like i'm some evil person, and i become very randomly embarrassed about my outburst]

uhhh... you don't have to watch it if you don't want to... it's just really funny. & it eliminates the long explanation. :)

So then another one we watched was called "Solomon Fix" or something like that... ok. not on youtube. so it's about this teddy bear and his friends, another teddy bear and a stuffed monkey. so solomon got assigned to this kid named Ned who kept beating him up with a flashlight [*snicker]. so solomon had to get to this kid, so he PULLED A GINORMOUS FLUFFY BUNNY FROM A TINY HOLE THAT THE BUNNY COULD NOT HAVE POSSIBLY FIT INSIDE OF and started riding it. then a troll went into Ned's room, and solomon's all "GOTTA SAVE NED!" so he PULLED THE BUNNY OUT AGAIN AND THEN PULLED A SWORD OUT OF ITS EAR! and then the troll beat solomon up. so he lost an eye and had his "guts all hanging out". [that was a direct quote- the monkey said it] and then solomon decided he was going to make Ned a kite. twas stupid, but REALLY hilarious. for me, anyway. my brother didn't really understand it... and i'd show it to you if i could, but i can't. :(

finally, i watched one called Moobeard. it's about this cow pirate and his "navegator" which is a chicken. and no one can tell he's a cow. so everyone called him a pig. :) really funny. i'm not even gonna look for that one though- twasn't all that great.

unfortunately, there was no Gary Guitar :(

Rian (feels kinda sick-ish) :(

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