Monday, February 16


I totally forgot to tlak about today in my super long post. 

Well, this morning I had to get up at eight, even though we didn't have school, because I had an orthodontist appointment. This was made even worse by the fact that I stayed up until midnight last night watching Stepmom, which is an awesome movie. By the way, I forgot to tell you what me and Jason did saturday night...i'll come back to that, though.
So at the orthodontist, the lady randomly started talking to me about how her husband was going on a business trip and that she was going to repaint their room green while he was gone. I wasn't really paying attention. I spent the whole time staring at this bug that no one else noticed. So after I got back, I went outside and ran 1.7 miles. It took like thirty minutes, but does it look like I care? It was kinda fun...just because I'm weird like that.
That's pretty much it...So saturdaY:
since my parents were out, me and jason had chickfila and watched movies and ate ice cream. The movies and stuff we ended up watching:
The Princess Diaries (love that movie. the books too. READ THEM!)
A Cinderella Story (BESTEST MOVIE EVER!)
Napoleon Dynamite (oh jeez...)
Small Soldiers (a very old movie with bad effects-hilarious nonetheless)
A Walk to Remember (I only caught the end...but I wanted to watch it all :'()
And some thing about the top ten songs in 2007. I remember number nine was What I've Done by Linkin Park. And Number one was Stronger by Kanye West. And Umbrella (Rihanna) was in there somewhere, too. I like the All Time Low version better, though. Listen to it.
Um...I think that's all. 
Kris. many posts today.

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Rian said...

i still haven't started my english project. or my math homework. or my health modules. oops.