Saturday, February 7


So far... we've played guitar hero world tour, ate hot dogs (some chili dogs, but not really), watched Napoleon Dynamite (the plotless movie) while painting our nails, & just finished eating some ice cream. so i'm posting without purpose on kristin's computer right now... randomly. & she's reading this right now... oh well. that's great for her! :) i'm listening for perfect insanity by Disturbed (the only song i like by them) right now, & kristin's brother is playing... Sonic Unleashed. yeah. that game. ya know- the one where during the day, sonic is sonic, and at night, sonic's all werewolfish. Now i'm listening Time and Time Again... by ... Papa Roach... while Kristin's being "intimidating" and her & Kimberly (the person we're hanging out with) are STARING AT ME... AND IT'S ANNOYING!!! STOP STARING AT ME!!! I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS CUZ KIMBERLY'S READING THIS OUT LOUD!!! :) ... ... now they're talking about fingernails & toenails. & now they're reading this again... and i'm singing this song in my head. xD yeah... i might post again later tonight. because i can... PARANOIA!!! (they started.. well, KIMBERLY, stared in Jason's face... and he got all mad and stuff) ... cuz of his eyelashes. yeah... Now Spaceman by the Killers. yeah. this post doesn't feel like it's taken three songs worth, but apparently it has. And now we're listening to the stupid version of Mr. Brightside... by the same band (duh). I hate geometry projects. & biology projects. and THREE FLIPPING ENGLISH PROJECTS. (sorry. Napoleon Dynamite got to me. again. xD) So we stopped listening to the stupid Mr. Brightside & are now listening to Joy Ride... again, by the same band. you guys need to get with it! :) just kidding... don't mind me! well... do, or else you wouldn't be reading this post, now would you?! NO. ... yeah. ok. i'm bored. we should do something, you guys. see? i'm so bored that i have to type what i want to say on the computer instead of actually saying it. yeah. hahaha JYEAH! woah! it doesn't say that that's a wrong word!!! Now we're planning of sneaking out ... and being Neon Ninjas. YAY! I LOVE BEING NINJAISH! I enjoy my music. duh. otherwise i wouldn't have it on my playlist, now would i? am i a sarcastic person to you? ... your answer should be OH YEAH... or something along those lines, because i am a VERY SUPER UBER MANIACALLY sarcastic person. trust me. i use it a LOT. but only if it makes sense. Kimberly... want to say something to our ADORING FANS?! xD Kimberly says: woooooooooooooo idk  y im saying this... hahaha this was a pointless waste of typing space........ lol BLACKSPACE!!!!!! =-O i wana be  neon ninja now..... and go to sonic:)

and now kristin: YAY!! yup...i have nothing to say...we should do something fun...we played guitar hero was fun. but now jason's playing sonic. not the restaurant...and i feel very repetitive. i'm basically saying the exact same things rianna said think i'm going now. YAY NEON (Ninjas Eating Orange Napkins) NINJAS! It's just like ATM machine...or the one i don't remember right now. oh yeah! RPG game. yeah...ATM is automated teller machine, so when you say atm machine, you're saying automated teller machine machine...i dunno why i'm telling you all this random stuff...cuz i'm bored and typing? when i type i do random stuff like this..i should probably stop now.... Rianna's back now... speaking of repetitive... "Would you like to be on a hit TV show like Hannah Montana? blah blah blah On a famous TV show like Hannah Montana! blah words blah A TV show like Hannah Montana! ... HANNAH MONTANA! ... You could be on TV with people like Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, and Zac Efron! ... You can work with Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron! Just call this number: 888-999-6631.888-999-6631, 888-999-6631,888-999-6631. That's:888-999-6631. Remember:888-999-6631,888-999-6631." Kristin says: The stupidest commercial ever... it really's on the was trying to record it on my phone, but it never came on when i was should check it out...also, we randomly come up with awesome band names. like NEON and... the other band names my brother and I use on guitar hero which I'm not going to tell you because i might steal them...i'm very paranoid. about lots and lots of the cbox. some weird person posted a who bunch of stuff under the name should email them.
... it's not under Kristin's account. duh. vvvv see?! It's MINE!! xD tZvR :)
(Kimberly's bored. so she says bye too xD)

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