Thursday, August 27



so i haven't been posting recently because the computers were getting fixed, and i was computerless (obviously). I'm greatly relieved to finally announce that yes, my laptop has been finally fixed after like, what? 3 months? something like that. so... this is gonna be my big post for now.
anyway, yeah. school... it's going pretty ok, i guess. I have Spanish III (in which my teacher rambles in Spanish [she's "still learning" and only "slightly more advanced" than us. which does not sound great] at 7:30 in the morning, while we, the class, are half dead), Chemistry (in which i have an awesome teacher who's... hilariously awesome), Orchestra (in which we either do nothing, or play really hard songs really fast), and English (in which... it's ok.) on A days. B days include Algebra II (i still don't understand why the higher ups always stick me in math first thing in the morning... it's not like i'm ready to learn or anything at SEVEN FREAKING THIRTY in the MORNING), History (the teacher's alright... more like I expected than everyone else- i mean, they all thought she ate puppies or something. jeez), Athletics (which is ok... but we're doing sprints & agility during school, and long distance after school, so... it's annoying), and Theatre? yeah, don't ask me why i'm in that class. but it's fun, so i deal.
yeah... nothing much going on in life, except for the never ending pain, sleepiness, and just overall laziness that usually go on in life.
Rian (is glad it's almost friday...)

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