Thursday, August 20

If this post had a title, it'd probably be something like, "Rian rambles about stuff."

sooo... i don't really have anything to post about... i just felt like i should post since i haven't in a few days (hah. sounds like i'm addicted or something)

oh jeez. There's this song called I'm Not An Addict by Reliant K, and it was sooo hilarious because the first time kristin & i heard it, we thought she was saying, "I'm Automatic!" and it was weird. because... then she'd be a robot. weird! but yeah. i have a lot of songs stuck in my head right now... 21 Guns by Green Day, Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails, and Still Alive by Glados. yeah. totally random, that last song is. but i finally figured out how to fix my wireless guitar for Rock Band (i couldn't calibrate it to the xbox, so i had to figure out how to do that), and i was playing. so yeah. 21 Guns got stuck in my head when i was watching MTV (nothing else was on, really, so i spent commercials listening to music) and it came on. And by watching MTV, i found out that I Write Sins Not Tragedies (or whatever it's called) is by Panic! At the Disco. yeah. I know. you don't have to say a word. :P anyway, Head Like A Hole got stuck in my head yesterday because there was a playlist with it on, and then i was thinking about it when it came on the radio. Yeah.
Holy sebaba! i just realized i wrote a whole paragraph on like, 5 songs. well... technically it started with one & became another 3, with a few random songs in between.
On another note (while still talking about songs), my cousins and brother have gotten me almost obsessed with Phineas and Ferb songs. no joke. My brother watches the same episodes with the same songs on them everyday, my cousins sing them, and i have them recorded on my phone. it's really quite sad... especially since i can sing a lot of them by memory. yeaaah... it's a good thing that i won't have time to be obsessed when school starts... speaking of which, i have to go practice my ambidextrousness (zombies! oh my gosh! that's a word! ambidextrousness!) now. Yeah... i've always wanted to be ambidextrous... i just hadn't been practicing. so i play the guitar on Rock Band in Lefty mode, and starting now, I will write the alphabet (capitals and lowercases) with my left hand when i'm bored! yay!!! hahaha i sound soooo lame. :P
Rian (does not wish for the school to start again... she can wait another month... or 468768... >.>)
psst: OMG! i just realized that you can't change the font anymore!! What's with that?!

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