Sunday, August 30


saw this while working on history homework (we have to make a notebook cover- i swear. ask kristin) I'll write what they say.

Max: When no one's looking, I play with my My Little Pony collection.
Fang: Those brown packets Max gets monthly in the mail are my gay magazines.
Iggy: Sometimes I squish someone's boobs and use the excuse that I'm blind and I couldn't tell.
Nudge: I once dated 9 guys in one week.
Gazzy: When Nudge & Angel go to the mall, I go to Victoria's Secret and stare at the bras.
Angel: I've looked into Iggy's mind. Uggh! You don't want to know.
Jeb: teehee. I've seen Dr. Martinez naked.

most of it's kinda inappropriate, and perverted, but it's still funny :P
Rian ( name is jimmy & you better not wear it out!... i love green day)

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Nekobean said...

L. O. O. O. O. L.
I don't even read MR. But still.

gcpierox said...

love the last one... lol im just passing by cause i saw the pic on google images and it leaded to this site...

Rian said...

well, be sure to check out the rest of our blog! :D thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

I just saw this on google images... iggy and! u people r really sick

Rian said...

sick as in 'ill', or sick as in 'awesome'? :D i hope it's the latter hahaha

Anonymous said...

LMAO. xD I was searching up Mr book manga covers on Google and I was like what's that? The writing was a bit blurrry so I came to this website to see what it said but all of these ARE HILARIOUS xD You should make more. It was so funny xD

Anonymous said...

Lol and I never knew fang was gay