Thursday, September 3


I wish I like, co-owned Barnes & Noble. no joke.

then i could totally have my dream week. but since I am not, in fact, the co-owner, or any kind of "higher up" in the Barnes & Noble industry (or whatever), i can only sit here and wish that some random competition/contest thing would come up so that one (or five?) lucky person (people?) can spend a week (nights included, and free food/beverages from the Starbucks included inside) at Barnes & Noble. i would DIE. no joke (i am very serious about this... possibly).
Because I just went to Barnes & Noble (in the midst of this very bad storm that's going on) and saw like, fifty books i never knew existed, and want to read just as bad as i want pudding (the answer is still no, Kristin :P). So yeah. A week would give me plenty of time to read those "like fifty" books, and then some. :D it would make me the happiest person in the world for a year. i mean, unless i had a super super super bad day (or week... or month... or... period of time?) that totally made me depressed... but then, i would claim co-ownership (... i wish) of Barnes & Noble and grab another week to spend there.
You may ask, "Why don't you just buy the books?"
My reply is, "Have you ever been to a Barnes & Noble before?!"
because yuh. it's freaking expensive. my fifty-some-odd books would cost a fortune... or at least, more money than I possess and am willing to spend (or my parents are willing to spend... whichever). so... yuh.
I am sooooo tired. no joke. everyone's been telling me i've made no sense all day long.
i believe them... i didn't even make sense to myself today :P
but i was totally serious about the above... just saying.
Rian (claims co-ownership of the Barnes & Noble in her mind)

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Rian said...

i said "no joke" 3 times in that post.
and didn't realize it till now.