Monday, September 21

"But there's no sense crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying till you run out of cake."

hahaha, it posted before i even wrote anything on it.

anyway, i was gonna post about something, like, i seriously had it all planned out and everything... but i forgot. and my typing is sucking today, so please, if i make an error, don't hate. :)
actually, that was meant to be a ":P", but whatever. it still works. i guess.
um... yeah, the title. i've had that song stuck in my head all day- it's "Still Alive" by GLaDOS. don't ask me why the 'a' is the only lowercase letter- hey. i didn't come up with the name.
but yeah. i love the lyrics- they're so hilarious and mean and fun :)
meanwhile, back at the ranch (hahaha), i'm fairly certain that i'm not going to survive until tomorrow.
"Why?" you super amazing people who actually read this blog may ask.
because... well, this calls for a list.
  1. i kept hurting myself more than usual today. seriously- i was sitting and had just twisted myself to look behind me and i hurt myself. not to mention all the running into things, almost spraining my ankle (again), and other things that were harmful to my flesh. and insides. but yeah.
  2. in theatre, we were watching Who's Line Is It Anyway? (which is the most amazing and seriously hilarious show EVAH) to get an idea of what improv was (because we don't know), and i laughed so hard i cried. so, seeing as i was crying, and i had just sweated like, two gallons cuz we ran really far today in the extreme heat that i claim was summer trying to live on forever (happy last day of summer, by the way), i think i ran out of water in my body. my throat was dry, and i kept laughing, which caused me to choke because the air moving back and forth in my dry throat did something that made it hurt and made me choke. yeah, i have no clue either. only that i almost died.
  3. "Homework is a murderer (haha metaphor) and it kills if a person looks at it. Paper cuts are a last resort." or... my quote went something like that. i don't really know cuz i forgot. but i know the first sentence is right, and that i talked about paper cuts in the second. yup.
  4. i've just been sitting in weird positions that apparently cut off random circulation to my shoulders and legs. yeah, don't ask.
  5. i've figured that i'm like, a half-insomniac. seriously. it makes me really sleepy when i can't sleep (duh) and my brain doesn't work as well, which is probably why i'm having a really randomly hard time typing words. no joke. if i just left it just how it was, and didn't edit as i went along, this post would be the least readable post ever, and no one would have much of a clue as to what i'm saying. i mean, yeah, there'd be a few intelligible words every now and again, but... for the most part, it'd just be random words that i don't want to type but end up typing anyway.
ok, so it wasn't a very long list, but it was still a list. ugh. i have a headache now. this is all pointing to one thing- i think i'm sick with some unknown disease or something. no, i don't feel sick... but you never really know, what with what's all going around these days. i'm waiting for a Quokka flu to pop up in Australia or something. QUOKKAS FOR LIFE. hahha that was random caps because i think a shift key was stuck down. oh well. i'm too lazy to do anything about it. or put another 'a' in that "hahha" i have up there right after the caps.
and i still can't remember what the original post was going to be about. seriously, this is not looking good for my memory... i knew it was bad, but normally by now, i'd be typing ok, and i'd have remembered what i was supposed to type about.
or maybe this is what i was going to post about, i just can't remember, but my subconscious does? who knows.
i'ma eat a hamburger now. maybe that'll help. maybe that, and some cake.
what?! having Still Alive being stuck in my head makes me think of cake!! i'll post the lyrics later, you'll see why. :)
Rian (has leveled up. or down.)
psst: i have no idea what i leveled up or down in... maybe i'm in some mysterious video game. i'm a video game character. you know, that would explain sooo many things...

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