Tuesday, September 29

i know i need to make a real post soon, but this is absolutely necessary:

Kanye West Jokes

My son butted in during a conversation I was having today. So I sternly told him to STOP KANYEING.

Kanye West's haircut isn't actually a haircut at all. It is the result of doctors trying to piece his scalp and skull back together like a jigsaw puzzle after Kanye had tried to interrupt Chuck Norris...which resulted in a roundhouse kick to the skull.

Ever heard of karma? Well, it is speculated that at the 2010 Grammys...Kanye West's chances of winning artist of the year are shot. Grammy judges have been quoted as saying "Even if he does win...which is unlikely...but if he does, we will instead give the award to Beyonce...I mean, we wouldn't want the man to be upset"

Kanye West's newest album...yet to hit stores will be comprised of only one full track. The remaining tracks will be 30 second samples where Kanye interrupts himself mid-song with "This is a pretty good track, and imma let you finish...but the next track is one of the best tracks of all time!"

Kanye West is gonna show up to patrick swayze's funeral, take the microphone, and say " i'll let you get back to your funeral in a minute. but michael jackson had the best death of the year."

Yeah, that was hilarious...seriously, we ARE making fun of Kanye West, and using him as a joke, but we aren't being mean....if you start doing it, you will realize how hilarious it is. Kanye West goes to college....yeah, you can replace "your mom" and "yo mama" with kanye west...those are hilarious.

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