Saturday, September 12

Karate High School

i'm going to seriously promote them.

i realize i might have said that a lot about other bands, but i'm not joking. I think they are seriously the best band i have ever heard before. The lyrics are amazing, the sound is awesome, and the people... well, i would know about them, but they seem pretty cool :)
Paul McGuire writes the songs, sings the songs, and plays the songs (keyboard & bass).
Aaron McVeigh plays the drums.
Billy Ray Valentine (aka Ray) plays the keyboards. with Paul, i guess.
Geoff Garnett plays the guitars.
... I seriously want to see these guys live. and get a t-shirt, all of the albums, and an autograph or four. :)
unfortunately, they're not on tour right now.
but never fear! you can still listen to their music everyday! (like me! hahaha)
so... here's the myspace (if you scroll down to the playlist, you can listen to the six or seven songs there, and also if you click the album button, you can listen to all 11 of the tracks on the new record. also, read the bio & stuff!)
Speaking of records... their first one was Arcade Rock, the second was The League of Tomorrow, and the newest one is called Invaders. and that was all off the top of my head (call me obsessed if you wish. but they're amazing, so i don't care)
anyway, here's the homepage, where you can find their facebook, the myspace again, the twitter or whatever (who knows the proper terms for that thing?!), Paul's blog, the new album (or something about it), and the iTunes thing so you can put them on your iPod like thing!
My two favorite songs so far are Sweep the Leg and Punk Rock Uniform. but hey- i just became a fan, what? three days ago? yeah, something like that, I guess. :D
oh yeah! you can also find a few on youtube... i didn't get to listen to a lot of those yet, but Paul likes some of the ones i saw on there, so you should check them out.
wow. Karate High School.
Karate High School.
... Karate High School.
yuh, I'm supposed to be doing Cornell Notes, but hey! we all know how that went down last year. :P So I figure- hey! Karate High School is like, off the charts 5 charts above Cornell Notes! (if that makes any sense... well, it does to me, but whatever) and I posted about Karate High School.
yes, I am saying Karate High School a bunch, you super observant people! (that was in no way sarcastic, i swear. unless you want it to be sarcastic? i'm going to say it yet again, whatever) It's like, catchy marketing. Karate High School! Karate High School! KHS! KHS! Maybe all day, you'll just randomly think "karate high school, karate high school... what is that again?" and then you'll look it up, and BAM! Karate High School.
jeez, a break from KHS. i just watched Quarantine, and i had my eyes covered (i am NOT one for scary movies), and my eyes are blurry and i can't see now. That movie was SCARY! no joke. now my brother put Spongebob on. "It's a small plastic disk that you throw!" "wow! I want to play!" "Yeah! If only small plastic disk that you throw had a shorter name!" "uh... what about small plastic disk that you toss?" "PERFECT!"
ok! back to my super long post about KHS! yuh. You'd look it up, find them, love them, and then tell all your friends! :D yay!
and that concludes this post about KHS. Hope you enjoyed! Tell your friends! Love KHS! FOR INVADERS LOVES YOU!
Rian (... everything I could possibly has been summed up in the above post. therefore, the post is in these parenthesis. you should read it again. :P [kidding.])

Edit!!! My friend wants me to say that he's a musical genius and he told me about Karate High School. or something along those lines. :)
Rian (dubs this day "zombie day" because she's seen the trailer for Zombieland twice now, listened to Zombies Everywhere by KHS a lot today [no joke], and watched Quarantine this morning and considered the diseased people zombies. so i'm just going to go out and say it, "ZOMBIES! OH MY GOSH!" [zomg])

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