Wednesday, September 30

Oh,I thought he was a human. But I guess this dude's a beaver.

My brother is hilarious. Anyway, this is the long awaited post...about the awesome stuff that has happened over the past few weeks that I haven't had a chance to post about.

First, and probably most important, Rianna's birthday party was awesome. It was on Saturday. That's actually where we came up with the Kanye West joke thing, but it was after most of the people had left.
We played this game called Loaded Questions, which we always end up having lots of fun playing. Basically, one person asks a question (from a card) and everyone else has to answer it, and the person who asked the question has to guess which answer belongs to who. It was completely hilarious.
So, the Kanye West thing started after some question asking: "What celebrity makes you not want to be a celebrity?" (Actually, it started somewhere before this, because I yelled out KANYE WEST!, and we all laughed, and then went to write down "real" answers. So I started to write Britney Spears, which was what Rianna wrote, but I crossed it out and wrote Kanye West. OR maybe that was where it all started. Who knows?)
Anyhow, I'm bored. So I'm gonna stop. but this is the longest post (that I've actually typed) that I've had in a while...

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