Wednesday, September 23


so... happy birthday, me.

i guess.
anyway, before i tell you about how weird my day was today, i'll tell you about this song i heard WAY early this morning- like, 4:35 AM (seriously- i'm not even exaggerating- that was the time exactly). It's called "The Impressions That I Get" by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and besides reminding me of Disney Channel, it's a pretty good song :) hahaha

so... list time!!
  1. I wake up. at 4:34 AM.
  2. I go back to sleep?
  3. I wake up again at 5:09 AM. I decide it's too late for me to go back to sleep.
  4. My friend texts me "good morning:)" and i respond with "hello!" ... and the conversation was over.
  5. I read the 1000th post.
  6. Kristin talks to me, and i talk to my mom, and kristin talks to her dad & brother, and i talk to her brother and my mom at the same time. it got slightly confusing.
  7. My KHS buddy (the musical genius!) gives me a KHS cd for my birthday. It contains all three albums, I'm currently listening to it, and i am eternally greatful to him :)
  8. I get to school, and go to work on the English Project Kristin & two of our other friends are working on.
  9. My mom calls me... right in front of the teacher. I answer my phone anyway.
  10. I walk all the way down to where my mom is in the car, only for her to get mad at slow moving people, and drives off to the middle of the parking lot because she didn't see me.
  11. I go to the office to turn something in, but Redfearn (yes, geography teacher from last year) is talking really slowly to the person i need to see about being sick.
  12. I finally get back to English... and the bell rings 3 minutes later. all my running around was pointless.
  13. I took a math test. there were mosquitoes in the room, and so i would get distracted by them. I think I did good on it, anyway. we'll see. well... you won't. but i will. unless you're a hacker...
  14. I go to history. My friend runs over to me to tell me happy birthday, which caused the person who sits to my left to suddenly remember and tell me that, too. that causes the person who sits to the left of him to yell it, which causes the rest of the class to yell it.
  15. The dude on the announcements did not mess up my name super badly, which made me sad. I like to laugh at all the stupid pronunciations of my name.
  16. My history class sang me happy birthday.
  17. I go to athletics, in which one of my friends (yes, i know i have a lot of friends. i'm very amigable) follows me around going, "it's her birthday!" while pointing at me.
  18. I go to lunch. sit with various friends (some of whom have been mentioned here before...).
  19. We talk about various subjects, including: stupid brand names for food (aka: how my pudding says "pudding" on it), how foods are labeled, and people stabbing others in the back in the front in the face (the only way we can imagine it: a curvy sword [with corners, lol] being stabbed in someone's back, and it curves up and stabs them in the face.). I almost choked like, seven times.
  20. I went to theater, and we did improv. hopefully, that's enough said. if not- watch "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" ^-^
  21. On the way home, I relive the day, and totally burst out laughing sooo hard. people are semi-used to it, so they ignore me for the most part, or they just gave me weird looks (coughKHSbuddycough)
  22. I ate pizza bites :)
wow. that was like, super detailed. and i have a headache. and homework. wee.
rian (is tired. and cold.)
psst: last day of summer= SUPER HOT. first day of fall= SUPER COLD.
what happened to the happy, warm medium? it exploded.

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