Saturday, October 24

best food ever.

Buffalo Wild Wings....If you have never been there, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. And the hotter they are, they better they taste. But, as a warning, they really ARE hot. Like, OMG I can't eat another one but they are so good i have to so i will drink a whole bottle of water in between each one hot. I mean that.

Also, I am SO MAD!! So, if you've ever watched El Tigre, you know that Manny's dad never takes off his mask...except for like, three times. So I've always wanted to see him without his mask. And it's on right now, and a few minutes ago, Jason was like, "THERE, HE TOOK OFF HIS MASK! LOOK NOW, KRISTIN, LOOK!"
And so I spun around, but the picture changed as soon as I did, so i missed it, and I cried and fell on the floor. It was horrible. I'll probably never see him.... -sigh-
Well, enough of my being melodramatic.

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