Tuesday, October 6

I don't have much to talk about right now...

I just had a huge shake (chocolate chip cookie dough), even though I have to run in a track meet on Friday. Yes, out track meet is on Friday this week, which kinda sucks and kinda doesn't. It sucks because I have to miss three of my favorite classes and two project presentations and a party. Not exactly the best day to have a track meet. Luckily, though, those aren't classes I'd have to make up bunches of work in. Except maybe French.

On the topic of french, that's what one of my projects is for. I have to write a story (in french) using the DR & MRS VANDERTRAMP verbs...that's an acronym, by the way, for verbs that use etre in the passe compose. That probably makes no sense to people who don't speak french...anyhow, those verbs are usually action verbs, like stay, go out, die, go up, fall, etc. So I'm writing them into a spy story...I may post it after I finish. I'll also post the english translation, so people won't just ignore it...Yeah.
Anyway, the classes I'm missing are creative writing and french...along with newspaper, which kinda doesn't really count, since most of the time we don't end up doing much, except for roaming around the school or telling funny stories. Near our deadline, we usually work a bit more, go out on interviewing walks and stuff, but it's not like it's a hard class. Also, you know how we can look up our grades online? (if not, now you do) Well, they closed down the site to parents and students until tomorrow because it was running super slowly, and teachers need to put in their grades. And the end of the six weeks (grading cycle, whatever) was Friday, which means I won't get to check and see how I did until tomorrow! It may not seem like such a big deal, but I kinda rely on Gradebook. It's on my bookmarks toolbar, to give you an idea of how important it is. And now that we're on the topic of my bookmarks, i'll explain those. You kinda deserve a long post that's actually about something since I haven't posted in a while.
So, on my toolbar, which consists of my most important links, are the things I go to almost everyday. I usually update it pretty often too, to adjust to my obsessions and phases.
So first is *, for the dashboard, which is where we control stuff for the blog...then it's the blog (inthemindsofknr). Next is my playlist list, which includes links to thirteen music playlists on various sites...I use that religiously. Then is fanfiction (FF), and fictionpress (FP). Fanfiction is linked to the maxride page, not the homepage, by the way...Then I have tetris (!) and my anime list, which has some awesomeness that would take too long to explain, and then the manga list, which includes way too many mangas to count. Next is Quizilla, which has awesomely hilarious stories with bad grammar and spelling, and pretty cool quizzes. Then is the word counter, which comes in handy when I forget where it is on Word...then the gradebook, a game to study for the physical map test, youtube, and imdb. I just realized how insane that is. I'm gonna stop typing now, before I freak you out and scare everyone away from the blog...

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Rian said...

well... on mine, i have a bookmark that'll show all my bookmarks... and i find it stupid. next is the one that goes to the top sites thingy. then my playlists... then gradebook, imdb, tetris, MRFF, all the blogs... then all the stupid stuff that's automatically on there.
great minds DO think alike! hahaha