Sunday, November 8

Especially the Chicken Flavored... Beef is OK, too.

i know i risk sounding like a bigger nerd than you think i am, but would you be surprised to know that i went to my two favorite places today?

and would it totally blow you away if i told you that my two favorite places (EVER) are Barnes & Nobles [... wait. did i already say that was my favorite place? i think i did... but it is so worth repeating] and Half-Price Books.
OMG. i looked at H-P B, and totally thought it said "Half-Blood Prince".
but hey- ever since reading the newest chapter of this story (i love it!! great job, Phoenix Fanatic), my mind's been hardwired on Harry Potter... it's like, every time i turn around, BAM! Harry Potter books. Harry Potter accessories. Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter.
Hairy Potter. hehe.
ANYWAY! so... i was at those places, and i seriously could have died. I even said that aloud when I was there.
So... I found this awesome book that i'm only like, 14 pages into (and sadly, did not buy it... grg) called "The Order of Odd-Fish", or something. it's pretty good. I liked it.
Then... I saw the new House of Night book (i'm really annoyed with those... but i'm still reading them), the new Gallagher Girl (or whatever that is) book- just letting you know, Kristin. aaand... LOVELY COMPLEX!!! and Monkey High, too! and... i was shocked when i didn't see any HSD! O.O
it was simply... well, shocking.
And I bought a book of 501 Conjugated Spanish Verbs (very nerdy... but better than a dictionary- i already have three, anyway.) and Max :)
Oh, how i love headshots in Halo ODST- you hear a 'pop' when the dude (mostly Grunts) explode into confetti, and little children scream "Yay!" in the background. it's so hilarious.
oh, shoot. I have Ramen Noodles in the microwave.
I should go eat them.
Rian (a quick summary: Things Rian loves: Barnes & Nobles, Half-Price Books, books in general, Mangas, Head Shots, and Ramen)

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