Friday, November 27

i spent my thanksgiving in a forest

I mean it.

We went over to my aunt's house, and after eating, me, my brother, and four of my cousins decided to walk to the park. It was funny, because two of the cousins are the ones my brother and i always end up having random adventures with. And so, when we were leaving, one of the adults was like, "be back before dark!" (it was three something-it gets dark around five thirty), and the two cousins we don't see very often were like, "why would we even be out that long?" and my mom goes, "you've never been on a walk with those four."

so, of course, the walk started off normal. We walked down the street (remember, we're in the middle of a neighborhood) to the park, but it was kinda boring, so we started walking around it. And one I saw this random path going into the trees. So we decided to follow it. It lead into this random forest like place. and then we crossed a random dirt road and ended up in an even thicker forest. We explored there for a while, then decided to go down another path.

Somehow, it led us in a circle, right back to the dirt road. We turned around and went back....and there was a random broken tv in the middle of the path. It seriously had bot been there before. So then we got scared and started comparing footprints in the dirt to our shoes. And there were some random new ones there that didn't match any of our shoes. And then there were the "dog" prints that really looked like wolf prints, because they had these super long claws.

Anyway, we went back into the forest and somehow ended up in some random guy's backyard. And then we got lost, but Jason found a way out. (yay jason!) Guess where we ended up. THE DIRT ROAD. Seriously, it was everywhere. We also saw a random dog and a kid on a tricycle.
Then we went home, because it was starting to get really cold and dark, and we had already explored every single path. And gotten lost multiple times. It was pretty fun.

And when we got back to the house, we ate desert and played connect four, which i am horribly bad at. :)

It was the best Thanksgiving ever.


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