Sunday, November 15

It's a House-On-The-Corner type of thing

so- weirdest thing ever just happened to me.

It's raining.
No, that's not weird.
What is weird is that when we were driving home, in our neighborhood, we have to turn at 3 different corners to get to my house. So we turn the first one, and it's like, "I-Am-A-Wall-Of-Rain-You-Can't-Pass-Me!" kind of rain. so... really really really really really really hard rain.
we turn the next corner, and it's like, "I'm Rain!" kind of rain- normal.
we turn the last corner- "I'm-Just-Letting-A-Few-Random-Drops-Of-Liquid-Fall-From-The-Sky!" kind of rain, so a semi-"my heart's not really into it" drizzle type thing.
and the corners are in the same general area, too. Only like, 20 yards (60-ish feet, roughly) away from each other (cuz it's about 3-4 houses apart... and i'm not really sure how long that is).
so... i'm just assuming that it's a "house-on-the-corner" type of things...
there's really no other way to explain it... unless you know the Cloud-Men or something :)
Rian (is reading James and the Giant Peach- i love Roald Dahl)

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