Friday, November 20

more hilariousness

two words: NEW MOON.

omg. that was HILARIOUS!
they actually had "good" jokes in there this time. quite witty.
and then they had stuff that i assume was meant to be taken seriously, but it wasn't.
like the super-slow-mo "running through the forest with Bella the Vampire" scene. haha
go see it. it's like, the third most hilarious thing i've ever seen. but you might like it.
Rian (wants to see the movie "Face-Punch" now... it seems HILARIOUS!)
psst: i'll tell you what Face-Punch is. it's the movie that Bella, Jacob, and Mike go see, where Mike gets sick. Basically, it went like this:
Dude1: Put your gun down or I'll blow your face off!
Dude2: Put both your guns down or I'll blow both your faces off!
Dude3: Put all your guns down or I'll blow all your faces off!
Dude4: Aw, forget this.
*cue gun shots and random screaming*
[Rian really wants someone to make that- a hint to any directors out there :)]
psst2: oh gosh. it's the TED!!! (see xkcd)

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