Thursday, November 19

Some funny stuff happened today...

First off, my brother read me something from on of the Sonic fanfics he read... here it is:

Tails was putting up a sign which read, “Sonic Says.” And nodded in approval at his work. Sonic ran up to Tails and painted over it so it said, “Sonic Sez.” Then nodded while Tails rolled his eyes at it.

Sonic quickly spun around and began talking. “Kids, there’s nothing cooler than sharing your cookies with people you like, but when someone tries to put their filthy hands in your cookie jar, that’s NO good! They’re your cookies; no-one has the right to take one if you don’t want them to. So what do you do? First, you slap the fool, then you say, “Keep your hands to yourself, cheapskate!”

“That’s not very helpful advice.” Tails responded.

“Well it worked on Knuckles.”

“Yeah…just before he punched you in the gut and took the cookies anyway.”

“Don’t you worry, I’ll find him soon, and then he’ll pay.” Sonic nodded in a serious manner.

Yeah. Pretty weird, uh? Also, I got a letter from a random college I've never heard of before... Houston Baptist University? Yeah, well, they made an error in their letter. I read it and I asked my mom if it was the correct usage of the semi-colon. At the time, she was on the phone with her english teacher friend, so, after she finished laughing, she asked her if it was wrong....and it was. it was so funny. And so, they forbid me from going to that college. here's what the letter said:

"You'll enjoy over 40 clubs and organizations, including an active Greek system; events like Husky Fest and Midnight Madness; and a wide range of intercollegiate and intramural sports."

Also, I wonder how the colleges know what I want to do? Because on this letter, and one i got earlier, they both said my intended majors were science and english, which is true...but HWO DO THEY KNOW!?

Anyway, I'm gonna go watch Jay Leno. Dakota Fanning, who is in New Moon, is on it. And Taylor Lautner was on earlier this week.



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