Monday, November 30


So, sunday morning, my dad runs into my room, yelling, " KRISTIN, wake up! WE HAVE TO GO GET THE PANCAKES!"

I was just like, "what?" because i was still basically asleep, and i don't function well when i'm asleep. Anyway, it turned out we were going to this awesome mexican brunch place we went to once before that had amazing pancakes, and my dad wanted to get there before everyone else did.
Yeah. we got there before the restaurant even opened, so we went to walmart, which was in the same shopping center, and bought some random stuff. then we decided we would go to barnes and noble and DSW (which were also in the same shopping center) after we finished eating.
Anyhow, my brother, my dad and I all ordered pancakes. among other things. This is the crazy part.
they didn't bring and syrup with our pancakes, which was just plain stupid, but will make sense later, so we asked the waiter for it. He brought back some small bowls with stuff that didn't really look like syrup, because it was really light. I was about to pour it on my pancakes (which would have been disastrous), when i decided to taste it first. It was honey.
So we asked the waiter guy if we could have actual syrup, and he was like, "what is that?" and we told him it was honey, and he was all confused and stuff.
And the next part...I swear I said this before he did.
He walked back into the kitchen, which we could see into, and started talking to the cook, who had given him the honey the first time. And i turned to my mom, and I was like, "they don't have any syrup."
And about two minutes later, the waiter walks back to our table and tells us they don't have any syrup, and they have sent people out to get some. (it was kinda funny....i can see the future.)
Keep in mind that walmart was MAYBE a minute away. on foot.
So we wait.
And wait.
And wait. get the point. It swear it took like twenty minutes. At one point, i pointed to the walgreens that was across the street (which we could see out the window) and said they could have gone there if they were really desperate.
Anyway, after we got our syrup, we ate our then cold, but still amazing pancakes, and the manager took all of the pancakes off the check. So we ended up paying like nothing for the food.
And then we went to DSW, and I tried on shoes I would never wear, because I think that's fun. There were these boots in the clearance section that came up to my knees and were like, snake skin or something. and they had like, four inch heels. It was really fun, and when I showed them to my dad, he was like, "you can't get those. I already got them for you for christmas."
it was hilarious. we always do that, though. I'll pull something off the rack that's completely insane/gross, and he'll suggest we get it for my brother. :)
Anyway, then we spent forever in B&N and we each got a book. Mine was Gone, by Michael Grant. I've been wanting to read it for a while now, and I highly suggest it, because it's amazing.
anyway, I think i'll stop typing now, and go watch Jay Leno.
Headlines tonight!

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