Friday, November 27

Thanksgiving #1

it was funny.

First and foremost: this was stuck in everyone's heads all night long, so at random intervals of time, you would here a part of THIS being sung.
Ok. Now that that's out of the way...
My uncle and I played the game Catchphrase (it's really fun, if you haven't played it before) on his phone, and we played it so much that it started the list over. Twas hilarious.
Also, that same uncle and I had an ongoing competition of Bejeweled (on his phone). He, of course, had filled up all of the high-score list previously, so I started in 8th, then moved up to 4th, and finall first place. And was undefeated until three hours later (we [meaning the whole family] played the game Last Word [also fun] within those three hours). I have yet to defeat him. Dang.
The food was delicious, and I had an exciting, super enjoyable Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family. Yay.
So tomorrow, it's my mom's side... and the food will be SUPER YUMMYFUL! I'm excited.
Also, it's Black Friday tomorrow (called that, as I discovered, because a lot of people decide to shop on that day, so all the stores are super low priced- just like Black Wednesday in the airline business: the day when a lot of people fly for Thanksgiving)... Yuh. My mom's leaving at 2 in the morning (so like, 2 hours from now) to go shop. yeah. I'll be sleeping :) (hopefully)
And Devan and I managed to get the song from earlier this post out of my head and stuck in random lines from those Dr. Octagonapus videos. yeah.
AND (i really need to stop adding stuff) I've had random videogame background music stuck in my head, too.
Rian (can't wait for tomorrow!)

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