Saturday, December 5

Gary probably doesn't cry anymore.

i must say, one of the most hilarious music artists i have ever heard is MC Lars.

I found him one day- we were listening to some "Hip Hop Nation" or something on TV randomly. The little discography thing came up, and it was showing people who's style is similar to the particular artist that was on. MC Lars came up. well, Beck came up, too... but I already know that Beck is hilarious :)
Anyway. I only remember MC Lars because his name sounded hilarious. It still kinda is... yuh.
So... after listening to Project Jenny Project Jan (who i just realized were on Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist... they were "Are You Randy?"), I decided to listen to MC Lars again.
My favorite song by him was Download This Song... but now I'm not sure.
I mean, there's Gary the Green Nosed Reindeer... and Roommate from Hell (which mentions Dante's Inferno and how the class describes my English teacher (with the babies)... wow.) OH. i just remembered- PJPJ came out with a new song i like, called Pins and Needles. Yeah.
So... yeah. there's not really anything else to say... but you should listen to a few of their (PJPJ & Lars') songs. you can find PJPJ on Lastfm (google it or whatever), and Lars is everywhere.
Rian (just saw a new commercial... and has figured that she randomly likes random songs about random stores, like Ikea and WalMart.)

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