Sunday, December 20

ohmygosh, baaaaaaaacon.

this is what happens, ladies and gentlemen, when you read a certain story in the Maximum Ride Fanfiction Archives. i'm not telling you what it is. unless you want to know. but i'm pretty sure i've mentioned it before... oh well.
really... there's nothing i can say here. i mean, yeah, there's plenty of things i could say... just nothing i can say here. if that makes sense to you...
anyway... um... i laughed my head off when i saw this. i mean, they even had the little "AAAAAHH!!" music!! oh jeez. yeah, click here if you want to see it.
and yeah, there are bacon clothes, too. just google 'bacon clothes', and you'll see. that, and 'things made out of bacon'... hah.
oh jeez. look at this: clicky it's only sad because people probably do that. but other than that, it's totally hilarious because people might actually do that.

... and on a totally different note...
i wish i were THIS GUY RIGHT HERE. just saying. he's amazing.
oh. and this is really useful for trying to look up numerous things at one time and not wanting to go back and forth between multiple tabs or browsers. clicky!

Rian (never got out of the 90s and is so much more rad than you! [thank you for that! hopefully you know who you are...])
psst: my bad. this is an edit, in case you were wondering, and starting to think you were going insane. unfortunately, you are not. that little voice you hear in your head? it's Destrey :P [see IDEK on youtube...]. ANYWAY. i'm here to say i was wrong. the republic of bacon does not have any "AHHH!" music. it has, "ALL HAAAAAAIL!!! (bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon)" music. there IS a distinction (if you couldn't tell). so yeah.
oh. and the feelings of being watched? it's the farting spider hahahah [once again, blame IDEK]

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