Saturday, December 26

random adventures

So, you know how I spent Thanksgiving walking through the woods with my cousins?

Well, I spent Christmas, walking to the park with them.
It was enjoyable, despite the fact that there was still ice on the ground, and it was about thirty degrees. And windy.
The most hilarious part was that the six of us were all on one swingset at once, and when anyone started to go really high, the swingset would start flying out of the was kinda scary, but it was really fun.
The second most hilarious part was that my cousin's friend randomly stopped by and gave us a ride home (since we had walked to the park and it was getting dark and cold-not to mention the fact that it would have taken about twenty minutes to get home, and we already couldn't feel our toes.). That may not seem funny, but you try fitting seven people into a car that fits five. To make it worse, this is who was in the car:
2 twenty year old guys (my cousin and his friend)
1 seventeen year old guy (other cousin)
1 sixteen year old girl (other cousin)
1 fifteen year old girl (me)
1 fourteen year old guy (other cousin)
1 twelve year old guy (my brother, Jason)
Yeah. I sat in my cousin's lap, and my cousin sat in his brother's lap. It was hilarious, and we really hoped we didn't get pulled over, because none of us were wearing seatbelts. YAY!
Just kidding. Anyway, it took about two minutes to get home, though it seemed much longer than that since I kept hitting my head on the ceiling.

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