Wednesday, December 2


so all your teachers have probably told you, "Don't use Wikipedia, it's a very unreliable source!"

and then they tell you how they go and change important figure's names by one letter, and then, if they see that misspelled name on your essay (or project, whatever), they know you went there.
Well... do you want absolute proof that Wikipedia is a totally unreliable source?
Here you go.
it's the last sentence in the little paragraph about Roland terBorcht.
it's actually pretty hilarious...
for more on that, read his last paragraph HERE.
haha. boys and girls, this is what happens when ennui controls your life and doesn't allow you to do the last 27 questions of your 60 question math homework. if that sentence even makes sense. i'm in math mode right now... but i'm slowly losing my grip on all reality.
soon, i'll be jumping into a fighting stance like Uru in SKS [click] (see our favorite mangas in the side bar, but it's Shiawasse Kissa Sanchoume... or something along those lines. i can never spell that correctly) every time i look up from my math homework. oh, how i hate math... at least i'm ahead in like, all my other homework :) that's the only plus here.
well... that, and the... um, interesting... information about terBorcht. haha
i realized... just like, 3 seconds ago... that that's not really proof against Wikipedia's inaccuracy.
this has proof, in the second paragraph. they try to blow it off... but whatever. AQUI! (here, in spanish)
Rian (is consumed by ennui, so don't use Wiki [which apparently means "quick" in Hawaiian, making my sentence make no sense, but ennui doesn't care for correct use of diction, obviously] as a site for your projects or essays... unless they are on hilarious, fake topics, or just for fun. mostly just for fun. seriously.)

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Kris said...

wow. actually, my frist reaction was: WHAT THE HECK?! to the thing about jeb and roland (easier to type...).
Yah. Who in their right mind would think that? other than fanfiction people. but we already knew they were crazy.