Friday, January 15

I'm in a punny mood.

my friend and i were talking about Nacho*, and he said that made him Hungary. I asked him if he wanted some Turkey, and he said, "No, Iran away from home." so... PUNS!

  • At a tire store: Time to re-tire.
  • Over a display of batteries: Wanna start something?
  • In a music store window: Guitars for sale. Cheap. No strings attached.
  • In a pet store window: Merry Christmas and a Yappy New Year.
  • On a peanut stand: If our peanuts were any fresher, they'd be insulting.
  • In an ice cream and dairy store: You can't beat our milk shakes, but you can whip our cream and lick our ice-cream cones.
  • In a shoe store: Come in and have a fit.
  • In a real estate office: Get lots for little.
  • In a butcher shop window: Never a bum steer.
  • At a poultry farm: Better laid than ever.
  • On a southern street: No U-all turns.
  • Over a bargain basement counter: What you seize is what you get.
  • In a beauty parlor: Curl up and dye.
  • In a restaurant: Don't stand outside and be miserable. Come inside and be fed up.
yeah... idk. i was looking for some puns, and well... yeah.
Enjoy (i know i did)
Rian & Nacho. :{D <-- (Nacho)

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