Saturday, January 16

--More Movies--

Ok. So, i just went an saw Avatar in the Imax, and it was amazing. No joke. Totally awesome.
But before all that, the previews came on. I loved them!!!

The first one was the Percy Jackson movie, and I can't wait until it comes out!!!! Omg it's gonna be amazing!!!!
The next movie that previewed was Knight and Day or something, and it was hilarious!!!! I definitely want to see that when it comes out... It's gonna be awesome! :D
After that was a NEW Alice in Wonderland!!! Oh, it looks like it's gonna be good... I wonder why Alice randomly became popular again?? I really like that book, anyway...
Then came another movie about dragons... How To Train Your Dragon! Haha my favorite quote from the trailer? "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile." Oh, he says it with such a flat, monotonous voice, and it's hilarious!! It looks like it'd be fun to watch... (haha, i do realize that when I wrote the title of the movie, it sounds like some lame ad or something) :P
And then there was also this awesome documentary on the Hubble spacecraft... But they had to ruin the awesomeness by tagging on at the very end (seriously- it was about to flick to the next preview), "narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio." i deemed it a fail. Seriously- I don't like him all that much. That Romeo & Juliet... jeez. That scared me.
Yeah... Oh, I totally suggest watching the trailers. Except for the Romeo & Juliet one... oh, man. The only part I actually liked about that movie was the very very beginning- the part where the Capulet boys & Montague boys fight at the gas station, do the "Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?" bit, and say, "DRAW YOUR SWORDS!", and they pull out guns called "Swords". After that... eh. I like the script (ya know, the book with the play in it? Script.) better. :)
-- Rian
HAHAHA!! Ok, so there's this Hoveround wheelchair thing, and it was invented by this guy named Tom Kruse. But if you're just listening, you could totally be all, "TOM CRUISE?! WOAH!!" hahaha

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