Friday, January 29

streets of rage 2

We have that game on Dreamcast. I LOVE playing it. It's an awesome game and all, but it was made in 1992, so it's has semi okay graphics, but this really stupid annoying 2d-ness. Like, you can't hit the enemies all the time because you're not exactly in front of them, and you can't tell. Anyway, it's a great game, especially for sibling bonding time. I would tell you to play it, but I'm pretty sure most people don't just have that game lying around somewhere. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure we have only beat the game once. You get three continues per game (for both players together), and three lives each time you undie. When the first person dies for the last time, they're out of the game, but the survivor can keep playing until he/she dies. And I always die first. Anyway, it's amazingly fun, and jason and I just finished a nice game (lasted about an hour) of it. It's one of those games you can beat in one sitting. If you can beat it at all, that is.


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