Saturday, January 23

Yesterday was great.

I'm not entirely sure what made it so great, but it was just one of those days, you know? I think i'll make a list...

Reasons why yesterday was great (possibly):
  • the weather was very nice, except for the stupid strong wind. It kept blowing me (and the sand) all over the place.
  • i got to jump at practice. that always puts me in a good mood.
  • i didn't have to take the reading quiz (you basically write an essay) in english, because I was one of the few people who didn't fail in other one. In fact, i got like, a 92. I read my book.
  • that book was really good. and hilarious. this girl ran over a vampire with her car.
  • chemistry wasn't excessively hard. normally that class puts me in a bad mood but yesterday was great.
  • we found out our teacher watches pokemon and spongebob.
  • Vampire Diaries came back on the night before (thursday), and it was AWESOME
  • i talked to one of my friends about it at lunch.
  • i finished both of the fanfictions i was reading. one really good and slightly annoying one was called Taking Chances.
  • That made me think of glee (it's named after one of the songs they sung) and glee always makes me happy.
  • i played sims and finally fixed the glitched maid with the resetsim cheat. it made me happy.
  • i think that's pretty much it.
Yeah. I had an eventful day. But I forgot the biggest reason:
It was friday!

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