Sunday, February 28


I've been meaning to post for like, three weeks. But I just haven't had time. It doesn't help that we can't post at school. We can read the blog, and even type the post, but it won't let us post or save after that. So, I guess I'll just forgo telling you about this week, which was pretty insane, and tell you about yesterday.

We had a track meet, of course, and it started off okay... sort of. The bus ride was long, so I had a nice sleep. When we got there, though, our coach, a new one, told us to run two laps to warm up. We had barely run anywhere, so everyone was still bunched up, and I was stuck right behind this girl. All of a sudden (sorta) she jumps out of the lane we were in, and I couldn't tell why... so I ran right into the bench that was sitting in the middle of lane one.

Now, it probably didn't happen at all like you're thinking. I didn't just run into it. I landed ON TOP of it. And, since I'm so weird, I couldn't even land on the bench part. I landed on top of the backrest part. Everyone started freaking out and asking me if I was okay while people in the stands laughed. It didn't hurt at all then, so I started laughing really hard. I'm never going to be able to look at a bench the same way.

So, a few hours later, after it was considerably warmer, we started pole vault. I could tell something wasn't right when we first started, but I didn't really think anything about it. On my second vault, I twisted my ankle. The most uncool thing about it was the fact that I didn't even hurt myself pole vaulting. I hurt myself running. So, my coach carried me to the trainer, and she gave me ice. Then, to make things better, they called for the 400 I signed in, then got the trainer to wrap my ankle. Everyone thought I was crazy for running, but it wasn't as bad as they thought. It didn't really hurt. I just couldn't move it.. So I got second to last in my heat, which was pretty good, considering. Then I had a few hours to get ready for triple jump.

I did okay in that, which made me mad (the fact that it was just okay). I really wanted to do good... My goal was thirty one feet. I only jumped twenty nine. And eight inches. But my ankle started hurting after the first jump. Anyway, I think I did pretty good, considering.

Of course, I got ready to go home, and I had to find my mom in the bleachers on the other side of the stadium. It didn't help that the thing was confusing, so I had to limp in circles for like, ten minutes. When I finally found the gate, the guy told me he couldn't let me go up because the gate was closed after halftime. I still don't understand, because track meets don't have halftime. Anyway, I started crying, because I was really angry that I was going to have to walk all around the stupid place to get out, and he let me in. :D

So... the rest of the day wasn't as bad. I'm still limping around, but it doesn't hurt. My ankle is extremely swollen, though. And freezing, since I keep having to ice it. Anyway, not looking forward to practice tomorrow.

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Rian said...

so that was the most accidentally emotional post ever.
seriously! i started laughing at the bench part, and then it got to your ankle and i almost started crying.
even though i know all about everything you posted about.
but whatever.
maybe it's cuz i'm listening to songs that i really like, but happen to be kind of depressing and sappy? idk. :)