Thursday, February 11

My Day (not as miraculous as Kristin's)

Before School:
Nothing really happened. We had another substitute bus driver, and he reminded me of a creeper old guy who used to drive our bus. Yes, i later found out that it was, in fact, the same creeper old guy bus driver. Yeah.

We sat and did nothing. Again. It was boring. She wouldn't let us go outside and play in the snow... but all her other classes did.

He wouldn't let us go outside either. But all his other classes did. :(
But, I took my first partner quiz today, and because my partner had to leave early, we got to take it in the hallway. It was cool, because there are windows on each side, and all you could see was trees and snow. It was pretty. But a lot more people were in the hallway than expected, and once, a teacher brought a kid out in the hall.
Teacher: I'm sorry if you think I singled you out. I just don't need you to threaten me.
Kid: I didn't threaten you!
T: I have a wife and kids- a family.
K: I don't care if you have a family!!
T: I just don't need people threatening me, and, when I'm not expecting it, jumping out and attacking me.
K: ...
And they walked back into the room. I decided that either the teacher was insane (and paranoid), or that was the scariest kid in the whole school.

The seven minutes between 2nd and 3rd periods:
Some people decided it would be fun to pelt strangers with snowballs as they left the science building. Thus, I got hit with my first snowball. And I almost got it in the face. If i had been, i would have slapped the stranger idiot kid.

We had full orchestra rehearsal for the first part of class, so everyone was squished, because the orchestra room is small, compared to the band hall (i really don't know why we call it a hall- it's just a room!). So, the orchestra was all squished together, and the band kids that played with us were squished in the back.
When the band kids left, we remained squished, because no one decided to move back.
On the bright side, we took a chair test the other day, and I moved up 4 chairs. So I went from 12th (last, because my wrist was sprained during the last chair test) to 8th. It's nice :)

The tennis team was throwing snowballs at my teacher's windows. It was funny.
We also just watched a movie, and I, too, admit falling asleep. But when she momentarily left the room, I grabbed a mint from my backpack (yeah, I know. a mint?!) and woke up. This part of the movie was just as stupid as the first part. These stupid reenactments are lame.

After school:
I built Nacho (see pic). I froze waiting for my seventh grade neighbor to (finally) get home, and decided to ambush him. What made it even better was that he was (stupidly) wearing only shorts and a short sleeve shirt, like he used to live in Antarctica or something, and this was nothing.
Shortly after the ambush, he called for a war.
We (me, my brother, and his sister) all attacked him. Then we attacked my brother. And then we attacked the seventh grader again.

So yeah. My day wasn't as great as Kristin's. But I suppose it was pretty good :)

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