Wednesday, February 3

today was pretty awesome.

And not just because it was my birthday. Thought that was part of it. I woke up kinda early this morning, so I got to take my time getting ready and opening my present from Jason (a card and a book-The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod). Even so, I didn't get to finish my waffles. :( Luckily, today was early lunch day.

So, when I got to school, Rianna gave the first part of my present, an amazing smiley face spatula, and a card. The card was awesome and hilarious. I swear, I just started laughing randomly during class because of it. The spatula has a bow on it. It's green. (random)

I had a test in math, which was most definitely not fun. Luckily, though, we didn't get too much homework because of it.

Then was history. Another test. This one was much easier, and shorter. Not in problem number, but in time. Then, because we have announcements in second period, and they announce birthdays, my history teacher said we had to sing me happy birthday. Even though she didn't hear my name on the announcements, and someone had to tell her. So they sang, we watched a video on King Henry the eighth, took the test, and did some more work. Yay.

After that, I had lunch, which was just...lunch.

Then, in Chemistry (there were only eight people in there today) they insisted on singing again. My teacher told me that he gave someone else his last cupcake (which someone apparently gave him) and he was sorry. Then he told me that he would give me a beaker I could break. He thinks I'm really clutzy. All because I broke a beaker and knocked over a chair during the same period. And while I was sweeping up the glass, I dropped it again and it shattered into smaller pieces. Anyway, he never gave me the beaker. We just took notes and did some practice problems. That's all we ever do.

In English, I thought they were going to forgo the singing, because about three of the people in my chemistry class were in there, but apparently they just love to sing (off tune). When they finished, my teacher gave me a green paper ribbon with a jolly rancher taped to it and said, "Well, isn't that just lovely?" about their singing. Then we read vocab and wrote an essay.

The next part made me really happy.

I went into the locker room to get my track stuff (then head to the bus) and was extremely glad to see that the toilet water had been cleaned up from the previous day. It was really gross. (this isn't the part that made me REALLY happy.)

I got on the bus, and only Rianna, and a few of our other friends were on there. One of the managers was wondering if we were supposed to have practice or not, so she called someone. Apparently, the coaches just expected us to know that we didn't have practice, because they did not make an announcement. So Rianna and I jumped off the bus and RAN (with our giant backpacks) to catch our buses, which were, quite literally, getting ready to leave. We barely made it.

And in case you missed it, the part that made me really happy was the fact that we didn't have track practice. I'm sure the coaches cancelled it just for me. Kidding.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy. Not to mention the fact that my parents bought me Reese's, the best candy of all time. -sigh-

I'll try not to eat them all at one time.


If you just read the bolded words, that's basically how I saw my whole day. The best parts... As you can tell, the Reese's part was pretty great. I mean, I'm exaggerating, but not by much. :D

You know, this is the longest post I've written in a while. Just thought I'd point that out.

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Rian said...

klutzy (it's better with a k. not just because it's the first letter of your name or anything, though... >.>;;)

Anyway... You took over my calendar duties. But i'll let it slide. but i'm watching you. :D jk

Kris said...

yeah, i added some stuff i thought of...and while i was at it, i crossed out the days. :D

Rian said...

... brittany's birthday. the ninth, right? gah, ninth looks wrong. it doesn't look like it should be spelled like that.
nin-th. ninth. nineth.
problem solved.