Tuesday, March 30

Happy Pencil Day!

So, look on the date on the napkin.
Now, look at the date on the bottom right of the picture.
The caption that came with the picture says:
"By popular demand, here is a photo of my cheeseburger experiment. Left out on the counter, uncovered for almost 7 months. Still looks pretty good huh? Haven't been to a fast food burger joint since this began.
Over drinks, ask me about the squirrel that got into my house.
Yeah. And according to my dad, the squirrel was in his house for a long time. and didn't touch the burger. And neither did any bugs. Also, the guy had left out a normal bun next to this McDonald's burger, and before a week was out, the other bun had already started to shrivel and mold... and a mouse started eating it. Only today did he officially end it- the bottom bun cracked (it had been as hard as a rock), and the cheese wasn't looking too good.
Overall, this was awesome!
And in unrelated news, I really want a burger.

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