Sunday, March 21

Have you ever watched The Fairly Odd Parents?

Well, assuming you have, you know it's kind of a stupid show. However, you should also know that it's not as stupid as THIS calendar timeline thing makes it out to be. I mean, it may be realistic towards the beginning, but the end... seriously? Dimmsdale takes over Jupiter?

Anyway, if you didn't catch that, click the all capitalized THIS to read the thing. It's hilarious. And odd.

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Rian said...

seriously, i stopped reading that in the 3000s when "Timmy Turners homeis" did something >.>
I think someone just made that up. Because that song by Chip? My Shiny Teeth and Me? well... that was still a hit when Timmy was like, 11 or something. Dude, I don't even watch this show, either!
But yeah... i'm fairly certain that most of that is untrue. :)

Kris said...

what i really want to know is who wasted their time coming up with that...

Rian said...

some person who got REALLY REALLY bored one day and has horrible grammar. and never watched the fairly odd parents... well... maybe 2 episodes.
or i guess maybe they looked up a synopsis? idk.
but yeah. they didn't really know what they were talking about.
GAH! i just said, "what they WAS talking about," and nearly died because even though i did not finish reading that horrible stuff, obviously, the horrible grammar infected me. But i'm fighting it. I'm psychic :)
that, and I just LOVE elephants. lawlzapalooza.