Sunday, March 14

If, at any point in time, an unexplained phenomenon occurs, and it involves some unknown creature destroying the Earth:

grab a camera and stick with a group of about... 4-6 people.
because you'll have a greater chance of living if your group is directly attacked by the unknown creature.
EXAMPLES: (don't read if you plan on watching these movies... but i'm not gonna tell you what they are, so... sorry. you'll have to read it anyway. this warning was totally pointless. sorry again for the inconvenience!)

Group: 6
Camera guy's death: 3rd to last. The people who took his camera died last. If they actually died. So much was left to the imagination after that movie ended...

Group: too many. (i'm too lazy to try and figure out how many were in the group)
Camera guy's death: 2nd to last, i think. And the girl who took the camera died last.

The Blair Witch Project
Group: 3
Um... there were 2 cameras, and I didn't actually watch this movie, but I know Josh disappeared first. Judging by how this was found in the woods, I'm guessing that they all die?*

And, though it doesn't really count:
Vantage Point
Group: well, they weren't actually in a group, but there were... 6 POVs?*
Camera guy's death: actually, he didn't die. He almost got hit by a car, but he didn't die.
and anyway, the movie wasn't taken from his camera's POV**, so like I said, this movie doesn't really count.

If you wonderful people have any other movies that were filmed like this, please let me know! And fyi: If everyone else in your group has a camera, either drop yours, or join a camera-less group! :)

*- Correct me if I'm wrong, please.
**- POV= Point Of View

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